glock slide refinishing WTS Kareen 9mm Hi Power clone; It's a great shooter, and would be an excellent candidate for refinishing, or to be used as a truck gun. I was thinking about having someone refinish my slide in a solid O. We have over 30 years experience in gunsmithing and custom pistolsmithing and have received training in 1911 Custom Pistolsmithing and Match Barrel Fitting from Cylinder and Slide Shop. The Glock slide does not offer forward cocking serrations. It was developed over a time by Dave Spaulding of Handgun Combatives. Now I am thinking to do the same to the slide since it has some minor holster wear. 00-95. This is another ladies pistol, We mixed a custom color for the frame and slide. 00 Shotgun barrel tap for choke tubes 90. The Norton Special is also applicable to other polymer-framed pistols. They cover a wide variety of subjects and hopefully the answer to your questions is listed in the list below. 45 ACP 1911 with the red front/white rear combination. We specialize in various ceramic coatings, custom patterns, and more. 380 is sometimes called a 9mm short because it is the same diameter, but shorter and lighter. I love this gun but would like to make the slide look like titanium/silver (will smiths gun in bb2). MAD Dragon Camo on a Glock slide in Crimson, Corvette Yellow, Sniper Grey, Smith's Grey & Black M&P in 3 color MAD Dragon using MAD Purple, Tungsten and Graphite Black Red MAD Dragon on a Spike's Tactical AR15 set Pink 9Mm Glock | Glock Slide Refinish Recomendations - The Firing Line Forums "Shredder Digital" - Stock Red, Matte Black, and White, painted on a Glock 34 slide, mags, trigger, slide plate, holster with a Stock Red barrel. Sights, slide releases, and magazine Odd jobs-If you have a part or parts, that need refinishing, a prepolished gun that you just want hot blued, a bayonet or only a slide, no problem. Refinish barrel $20. Glock: $150 w/o refinishing (not required; metal will be exposed under optic) S&W MP Series: $150 w/o refinishing (not required; metal will be exposed under optic) The same tool used at the Glock Factory to accurately remove and install the firing pin channel liner. Not sure if I want to do the whole thing or either the slide or frame. you do not have to worry about an FFL because as stated it is not the receiver. Tennifer is not actually the finish. Self-Customizing Your Glock kit from Lauer Custom Weaponry and are even remotely competent at stripping and refinishing steel. It is a chemical process that actually permeates the slide. So I called today, and I was told, that I could send my slide in, they will tear it apart and replace any parts they think needs to be replaced,refinish it for me (new gen. Your new GLOCK is designed to provide you with that same reliable performance every time you use it; even in the face of the harshest conditions on the planet. These are current inventory. 33014 Tel (786) 537-4589 Email: info. * Add $50 * for sight-in with Hollow Point Ammo. Thanks for your patience while orders are processed. 1911, Browning Hi Power, Para-Ordnance, Walther, Ruger, Kahr, Springfield. Your one-stop location for Custom Weapons, Refinishing, Stock Weapons, Class 3 NFA items, and Gunsmithing Needs. Customer must ship us their slide for customization. Glock 2-tone,grip enhancement,trigger jop Tiger strip brown slide with snow gray,grip enhancment on the frame! Notice how the black accesories (trigger,mag release etc ) keep from giving the Maaco Paint it all look! Brownells is your source for Glock_Slides at Brownells parts and accessories. You now have all the functionality of full/mid custom Glock packed into an ultra-low-profile package. i thought about having the tenifer bead blasted off but the gun is going to brian hawley first week of january and he is going to have the slide just hard chromed. Glock 19, ATOM Slide, Trijicon RM06 Was it worth it? As stated previously, the retail price for the machine work and refinishing done to my slide is $440. For Custom Cerakote Refinishing for a Single color Slide Item Specifics: • For Glock, M & P, H&K, and like style pistols • Cost is for slide refinishing is: o Slide in Single Color $50. grip extenders on G26, G27, G29, G30, G33, G36 and G42 magazines. The Handgun Combatives pistol for the Glock is one of our premier pieces of customized work. . All Refinishing About; Contact Us; Sign in or Register; Home. Use this item to select cerakote refinishing for your slide, barrel, or frame. green finish on my Glock. We have an FFL so we can process your metal frame or receiver with a serial number. Coating Services Group We have coated more than 100,000 firearms / firearm components with Titanium Nitride; frames, slides, barrels, triggers, strikers, bolts, muzzle breaks, flash suppressors, etc. The owner of this gun is an IDPA competition shooter and was able to shave off . Here's a great way to customize your Glock and make your pistol stand out from all the others. Sometimes there is an even lower, unadvertised price! Click the GrabAQuote button to get a custom quote by email. Miami Gunsmith & Refinishing Hialeah, Fl. This I knew a head of time and part of the reason I sent it to Glock and did not go local for a refinish. The Black Oxide conversion will not reduce hardness or affect the dimensional characteristics of the finished part. Small Slides include XDS, Shield, LCP, Glock 42/43 and similar sized slides. Glock slide serrations If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Glock Slide Milling . Hello, I have just refinished and polished an OEM glock barrel and I like that way it come out. I'd actually like to have it refinished in silver for a two-tone look. We do machining on AR uppers, AR lowers & stock slides with designs and lightening cuts/ports. I'd like to have the slide refinished. Glock Slide coating ????? What coating does Glock uses on their their slides ? With all the talk about aluminum framed 1911 pistols and coated stainless 1911 pistol finishes wearing badly, flaking, chipping easily, i'm wondeing what glock uses. They are examples of refinishing work we have done for our customers. For MMP, Glock, H&K, and like style pistols Custom Slide refinishing in 3 color camo we can do Digi or Freehand (pictures shown are for display purposes only, guns are not for auction) Refinished with Mil-Spec Cerakote corrosion resistant finish mil-spec colors available such as After slide work is done, users have the option of getting the same supremely corrosion and rust resistant black nitride refinishing done on their slide. You may have to register before you can post Glock will refinish it for about $40 if you mail it to them. I've owned a couple of Glock 17L's for the last 2 years and started to realize they just didn't point right for me so figured that this 17 would be the same, but had to hold it anyways. Its a solid gun, I figure its a LEO trade in because it has tritium sights and a lot of holster wear on slide. 00 (Customer Provided G42/43) Includes: Full Frame Texture and Undercut, Front Slide Serrations, Slide Top Dish Cuts, Full Slide Bevel, Cerakote Refinish (Slide Only), Trijicon HD Sights, Apex Flat Trigger and MOD 1 Carry Trigger Enhancement. 17 Rounds. Cerakote has become, hands down, THE refinishing product that can withstand the punishment most people put their firearms through. Machine Slide for Reflex optic: RMR, Vortex Viper, Vortex Venom, Lepuold, Burris Fast Fire, etc. Cerakote Refinishing CHEAP Special (Slide or Frame) Although discount codes will work, I am unable to limit this listing. Like larger GLOCKs, the G27 pairs a corrosion-resistant, ergonomic, stronger-than-steel polymer frame with a durable cold-hammered steel slide and barrel coated with GLOCK's high tech Tenifer 64 HRC surface treatment. A single color Cerakote refinish is included in the price. The surface of the steel looks just like a new Glock slide is supposed to look like, only it's a dull matte silver finish. However, unless your agency uses them they may not have popped up on your radar. This is a discussion on M&P Slide Refinishing within the Accurate-Iron forums, part of the Vendors category; I am happy to announce that I now have enough time in my schedule to be able to offer slide refinishing services to the M&P A few years back I had someone put a digital O. 99% of the time we use KG Gunkote, but will use Duracoat for special projects (subject to special order fee). Here you will find our collection of work we have done for our customers. Gallery of Custom Gunsmith and Gunsmith Projects for Ott Gun Works, located in West Georgia, Douglasville. color. Under “chargeable items,” right below their refinishing services, they list the sight options available, which includes Glock Steel Sights for only $20+tax and Glock Night Sights for a mere $57+tax. 95 Black Oxide finish is the same used on original Glock pistols prior to 2003. Springfield XD Forum. They may have refinished it no charge if someone hadn't boogered with it. Red Creek Tactical is a manufacturer certified Law Enforcement and Military armorer for, Glock, Colt M4/M16, Sig-Sauer Pistols and Remington 700 and 870. I'll be carrying the pistol 100% of the time concealed next to my glistening body in a kydex holster, so durability would be nice. GSPC Performance & Custom’s Black Oxide coating is a dark aluminum-oxide layer that can adhere tightly to metal slides and other parts. I carry it in a forest city tactical owb holster in flat dark earth(pic below). The plastic pieces are fine but the slide is coming off pretty bad. Back to FAQ's Will Slide Refinishing Remove the Tenifer. Yes, Glock makes training pistols and have done so for quite some time now. Email Address. Notice: These Guns are not for sale. Don't know who did the refinishing, but it was perfect. Glock 42 Slide Milled to Perfection, Ported and TiN Coated Barrel,…” MOD 1 M&P TE. Help; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Posted by TripleB on May 11th 2018 . this is all great info. You may call them to see what they say about associated costs. For Camo Dipping Guns, Archery and Cerakote Gun Refinishing. Bluing tends to be thin on SIG-Sauer handguns and prone to quickly wear and rust. Barrel crowning (on lathe only) 45. You should plan to re-coat the slide afterward. Factory OEM This service is for Cerakote Slide Refinish on a semi-automatic pistols such as Glock, HK, M&P, Canik, Sig, FN, etc. $22. Scout V2 Cut for Glock 43. Meticulous preparation and attention to detail provide an attractive finish that is very Here are some of the custom firearms finishes we have applied. This disposable part, inside the slide, must be removed and a new one installed, when rebluing or refinishing Glock Slides. Cerakote part Refinishing (SLIDE RELEASE, MAG RELEASE, TRIGGER & EXTRACTOR) Cerakote Frame Refinishing. Has anyone sent there slide back to glock for a refinish? M&P Slide Refinishing. Gun Cleaning and Refinishing slide and is drift adjustable. ebay. com, LLC nor this site are affiliated in any manner with, or otherwise endorsed by, GLOCK, Inc. 00; Custom Cerakote Color W/Slide Purchase Get Infected It includes the slide, barrel, all internal parts of the slide and all appropriate internal parts of the frame. Contact Us We hope to provide all of your Duracoat finishing needs! We are Ohio’s premier source for Duracoat refinishing. With 35 years of experience and in business since 1999, we specialize in gun refinishing. Not only did they replace them, but they sent back the old hardware, so know I have an extra rear plate and 2 extra +2 mag extensions! Glock Factory Slide Refinishing California handguns. I have a Glock 27 and the slide has a real dull crappy appearance. Picking up a used Glock 22 this weekend and the slide has some holster wear on it that I'm guessing is from reholstering many times (although my 27 Machine Slide for Reflex optic: RMR, Vortex Viper, Vortex Venom, Lepuold, Burris Fast Fire, etc. Signature: Amelon Firearms - Quality Refinishing for Manufacturers and Gun Enthusiasts Central Arizona Firearms Refinishing is a FULL SERVICE gunsmith shop and can update your weapon with the latest technology in firearms refinishing. I would like to have the slide re-blackened as close to an original Glock finish as possible, while not messing with the underlying tennifer finish, and preferably providing an even tougher outer finish than original. In exchange, I’m sure the good people in Smyrna will have a private chuckle at your expense. SPECIAL NOTES: It does not include refinishing of the exposed metal, that is sold separately. No Refinishing (No Sand Blasting) * Add Slide Machining Package for your Factory Glock Slide Battle slide cut. Glock will refinish the slide without your need to strip it. Machine a custom machined slide for killer looks, lightweight performance, optic ready cuts for all your accessory red dot needs and so much more! CUSTOM SLIDE WORK With over 15 years of machining experience, JL Machine Works provides high quality machining at an affordable cost to our customers. This is my first video that I talk in and noticed I was nervous and said umm I recently bought a used Glock 27 from a close friend. This week at SOFIC, Glock had two of them on hand for prospective purchasers to paw at. I was going to have the slide refinished on Frankenstein, my Glock 17, and the service techs advised against it. There were, however, some differences between the releases, and one way of telling them apart is by inspecting the Glock 19 finishes. The Frame is in Tiffany Blue, as well as the base plates. glock slide refinishing, refinish glock slide, silver glock 22, silver slide for glock 22, slidefinishes, what is the best finish for a glock slide. D. Also, carbon steel is a little darker in color than stainless. 237 Likes, 6 Comments - MIAMI GUNSMITH & REFINISHING (@miamigunsmith) on Instagram: “Miami Gunsmith & Refinishing. com glock slide refinishing (long island) - posted in Handguns: Hi guy's wanted to know if anyone knows any place on the Island where I can have my glock slide refinished. H. Welcome to Rocky Mountain Weaponry LLC. LWD Refinish Black Oxide 1 Barrel Or 1 Slide Item: LWD-RBBO In Stock Manufacturer: Lone Wolf $22. Cerakote is the world leader in thin film ceramic coating technology. 3 slide finish), and ship it back to me, in 4-6 weeks, for $45. 00 o Slide in 2 Color Camo $75. We will add forward serrations that match the size and angle of the rear serrations on your Glock slide, essential for safe press checking of the chamber. from weather and wear for several lifetimes. Just got it “in case” I need it due to any refinishing of the slide or any odd break down in the system. Known as the "BABY GLOCK," the GLOCK 26 in 9x19mm has been the most sought-after concealed carry option since its release in 1994-a market once dominated by the 5-round snubnose revolver. Glock Glock 19 Gen 4 Tiffany Blue. I opted to try the durablack resin as opposed to some of the other options offered. GLOCK pistols are chosen by approximately 65% of our nation’s law enforcement professionals for their reliability and performance. Cerakote firearm refinishing prices We accept all major credit, debit cards and PayPal. The SIG-Sauer P225 is a compact 9mm renowned for reliability with a wide variety of ammunition and quality construction. This closed shop policy allows me to get the work done in a timely manner without interruptions. Cerakote Burnt Bronze with 45* chamfer, Press Check Serrations, 8 total lightning slide ports, 8 Straight Barrel Flutes @45*, 4 Barrel Ports, Custom Three Hole Side Ports, and TiN Coated Barrel. Perfect for competitions and hunting. Just choose the appropriate option in the Iron Sight Installation drop down menu. Over the years we have compiled the following questions and answers list. Help and advice on refinishing a Glock handgun slide Guy didn't own it for long, he got it in a trade. SPECIAL NOTES: This product is a machining operation only. Nickel finishes have a slight yellow cast to them and this coloring gives Nickel a softer appearance when applied to firearms. This deal is on us! We're giving away chances to win a free Glock slide refinish from Dark Ops Customs. Neither RockYourGlock. Glock will refinish the top end for like 80 I was iffy about this cause I've read it looked like it was spray painted and the finish was lousy. Well I have asked around and I have been told, "Send it to Glock", they will do the best job. A lot of previously chambered HSTs go unfired as a result. Many years ago, I sent my first G21 in to have the 15* breech cut and slide refinish done. , Thumb Safety, Slide Stop, Grip Safety, Magwell, etc. The coating is twice as hard as steel, and gives your pistol the protection it needs. Got as a spare in case I need it. At first glance, they look like custom refinishing gone The slide will be refinished in our ROSE Titanium Nitride, which is the most durable finish available on the market. I already have all the parts needed (except the slide itself and a set of i-Dot Pros) to build one. Does Glock have a factory refinish service ? Or will they go over the whole pistol for a customer. They did the slide, frame and all internals in their CeraPlate which is a nickel boron chemical treatment. com and we'll send you our address. Melonite is also called Tenifer by Glock. 00/barrel Barrel threading 75. ZEV’s slides are machined from a single billet of 17-4 stainless steel to tighter tolerances than factory slides for increased consistency in barrel lockup which improves accuracy. Tenifer is not a finish. They also replaced the rear plate, slide release, and the +2 mag extensions. We now have brand new slides for your Glock! All slides are milled with your choice of package. RECOMMENDED ACCESSORIES: Bare metal is exposed when we provide this product, thus refinishing is recommended to prevent rust/oxidation. At the Range The completion of the PF940Cv1 itself proved to be very straightforward. 00 each TactiKote® Finish The TactiKote® finish from Metaloy Industries is some of the best polymer type finish available anywhere today. I believe that Glock sends their slides out to be refinished. Would take about 6 weeks, just send the slide with a note saying that I spoke to him and they would take care of it. Aftermarket replacement non-metallic base plates on magazines. Back to FAQ's Custom Refinishing. We hope to provide all of your Duracoat finishing needs! We are Ohio’s premier source for Duracoat refinishing. We repair, service, and make all models and firearms. After reading a few horror stories about the refinish job from Glock, I had very low expectations. But I talked with someone at Glock and they said to just send the slide and I could ship it any way I wanted. Glock Slide Finish Question? Late last summer i bought my first Glock (17 Gen 3 -new) i never took it to the range as shortly thereafter i had some family stuff that lasted into the late fall and by the point i thought about taking the Glock out, we were in the middle of winter and it was bitterly cold. Glock, known for some of the best customer service in the business, will actually replace your entire frame or slide for around $100. Boom Boom Tactical Central Ohio Gunsmith, Glock and M&P Specialist. 12 reviews of R C Refinishing "After researching places that do high temp ceramic coating around the bay, I decided to go with R. So as it says I am thinking of cerakoting my glock. This does not mean that it is perfect. The basic slide refinishing includes coating your pistols slide in one color. m. 15 Rounds. Glock charges $45. We now offer you the choice. 0. We also provide Custom Glocks and Glock customization services. com This is an American Classic II . Current turnaround time is running as high as 6-8 weeks on all orders and 8+ weeks on more extensive orders that require additional time. A BOB cut is a 45 Degree cut on the bottom front of your M&P 5" or Glock long slide model. We can refinish your firearm and accessories in CeraKote, DuraCoat, or KG GunKote in the colors or camouflage pattern of your choice. 00: Bar-Sto Matched Target Glock Barrel Fitting Fee (Includes Test Fire) $215. I'm not a production shop, so if you have a small job, email me for a "not more than" quote. The addition of the manual safety will not void the manufacturers warranty and will make your Glock pistol as safe as any pistol on the market. Different finishes were applied to the slide and barrel of the firearm at different points in time. I haven't had a slide hard chromed myself but I have handled a couple that were refinished, one was hard chromed by Rock Your Glock and I thought it looked pretty good, the other was cera coated by CCR and I liked the way it looked a little better, it was more of a champagne color rather than the matte silver. com Glock slide refinishing. C. Black Nitride Slide/Frame Refinishing $60. I checked online and there a lot of places, but have to mail it in. can be easily made. PRODUCT DETAILS The ETS Rapid Recognition System allows you to quickly and easily differentiate your mags. Here is the information you have been looking for to get a better look at your XD/XDM from the leader in XD/XDM modifications. it might be functional, but the lines and pattern are ugly. firearm, refinishing, cerakote, applicator, gun sales, gun painting, Springer Precision LLC. 00 GLOCK Factory G19 Magazine. This is to add the angled "bob cut" to the nose of a long slide Glock All Custom Slide Builder; Glock . Not only did they replace them, but they sent back the old hardware, so know I have an extra rear plate and 2 extra +2 mag extensions! Glock slide refinishing. The Glock G24 is chambrerd in 40 Cal S&W. Upper was sent to Glock and completely refinished (I dot sights re-installed by Glock) Lower parts replaced with factory new parts, -Factory refinished slide and barrel I recently purchased a Glock from a board member and decided I wanted to have the slide/barrel refinished. Join Our Mailing List for special offers!. I ask that you Do Not use a discount code on this super cheap deal unless you are purchasing other services in addition. You must register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. The current factory slide finish on my G23 has become too aggravating to deal with, having to wipe down the gun at least every other day. CERAKOTE Cerakote gun coating is a ceramic based finish that can be applied to metals, plastics, polymers and wood. Glock G26 Gen3 9MM 10RD (OEM) GLOCK. T & Z Armory is dedicated to providing quality firearms, shooting accessories, and professional DuraCoat Refinishing. My customer, Diamond, sent me this photo with the Combat Grey parts installed on his Taurus PT92. The use of "GLOCK" on this page is merely to advertise the sale of GLOCK pistols, parts, or components. " There are a number of finishes available that are far superior to Glock or any other "factory finish". We can personalize and protect your firearms. If I had wanted the barrel refinished they told me it would be $15 more. Turned out really nice and slick, and has shown no wear. We use both KG Gunkote and Duracoat products. There was no charge, but not only did the finish look not-so-great, they also ground or sanded down the factory lettering on the slide to the point it was nearly unreadable. Gun Part Refinishing: the cost to do a handgun slide, if stripped, is $60. b. These modifications are accomplished while maintaining the integrity of the OEM parts. Bar-Sto 1 piece Guide Rod w/Recoil Spring $43. Cut slide for installing red dot such as a Trijicon RMR, Delta Point or Burris Fast fire 145. Melonite is basically salt bath ferritic nitrocarburizing, also known as liquid nitrocarburizing. Additionally, Robar® offers a complete suite of practical grip modifications, magazine extensions, beavertail fabrication, front cocking serrations, trigger work and complete refinishing for all Glock™ models. Ehh i know ppl praise jojos for almost everything, but their stippling has not been something ive been super impressed with. The proprietary coating on the stock slide will be removed at the serrations during the milling process, thus bare metal is exposed. This is a discussion on M&P Slide Refinishing within the Accurate-Iron forums, part of the Vendors category; what are the advantages of having my slide refinished versus keeping my stock melonite coating? I sent it back to Glock to have the internals replaced and the slide/barrel refinished. Custom Cerakote Work Now Available at Blue Tuna Guns For information and quotes stop into the shop with the firearm or part, and an idea on what you want done. www. On a whim I had my Glock 36 slide done in Silver Diamond Plate. Glock refinished the slide of my circa 1989 G21 a couple of years ago when they machined it to install one of the new chamber witness ejectors. GlockStore Performance & Custom is proud to offer the revolutionary CeraKote Ceramic Firearm Coatings allowing you to change the look of your Glock pistol. 00 Refinish barrel and slide $60. Includes refinishing cut zone. GLOCK pistols fieldstrip easily without the use of tools. Anyone know of a quality shop that does this. Some of the used police trade-ins need slide refinishing. Custom Refinishing Aro-Tek provides custom finishing of your Glock, including Diamond Black and Satin Chrome finish for your barrel or slide, and custom laser engraving of the Aro-Tek logo. $180. 00 Replace Meprolight Night Sights $57. 00. Whether you're looking for a smoother trigger or a flawless grip work, you're sure to find yourself shooting faster and more accurate with our custom gunsmithing. Glockmeister Grip Plug for Gen 4 & 5 Full Size & Compact: GLOCK Factory G17 Magazine. absolutetactical@gmail. Shop our vast selection and save! At Grizzly Guns, we specialize in Cerakoting, firearms refinishing, restoration, custom AR15 builds and general gunsmithing. Full Grip Texture With Undercut, Straight Cut Serrations, M&P Front High Serrations, Slide Stamping Removed, Cerakote Refinish, Apex Poly Trigger, KKM Precision Barrel. We customize your new and used Glock’s or M&P’s. The GLOCK G17 Semi-Auto Pistol is an ultra Your original Glock® recoil guide rod was fabricated from plastic because of it’s ability to flex – a non-flexing recoil rod will affect the harmonics of the slide’s cycling and will damage your frame! If you need to tune the recoil spring rate for faster cycling, etc, your original Glock® rod can be used, simply remove the capture plug Nickel Plating, has been extensively used in the firearm’s industry for close to 100 years. 357 th of a second off his time with the faster target acquistion. Will you install my sights/suppressor sights if I send them in with my slide? Yes, iron sight installation is included for all slides if needed. Stopped by the local gun store today and saw a Glock 17 with what looked like a hard chrome slide. Our custom Glock barrels are known throughout the world as a cornerstone of quality and performance. 00 (Digi Cam) o Slide in 3 Color Camo $95. Metaloy Extra Ham. We use Glock factory parts in our process to ensure reliability. Not needed now at this time. How to Remove the Slide on a Glock by Joshua Benjamin Glock pistols are some of the most popular firearms in the world, and have earned a reputation for accuracy, reliability and durability that is the envy of many other weapons. Pearce Grip Inc. Launches Revolutionary Titanium Finish & Titanium Glock Slides “This is an exciting time for our young company,” said the company’s President, Ben Cook. Enter Glock’s factory warranty service. Help So I bought a new to me Glock 34 G3 and it was painted “captain America” and it had to go I stripped the paint off but the melonite Some slide services will require the slide to be refinished. Glock 43 vs Glock 42 Review Video What is the difference between a Glock 43 and a Glock 42? The Glock 43 is 9mm caliber, but the G42 uses a . Furnish and Install Pro-Sights on customer supplied Slide (with your choice of Front and Rear Blades): $160* * Add $25 for sight-in with Winchester Ball Ammo. Top, Engravings and Serrations in Factory Black…” I have a Glock 36 with some holster wear to the slide. But I was very surprised when my Glock was delivered. 210 Likes, 4 Comments - MIAMI GUNSMITH & REFINISHING (@miamigunsmith) on Instagram: “Two Tone Glock 21 Slide Polished to Stainless Look. Glock slide and barrel refinishing. Polishing some of the internal parts of your glock may result in smoother operation but overdoing it can have disastrous effects. Glock Gen 5 as well as Glock 19X slides are accepted for modification and have the same lead time as Gen 1-4. Refinishing for a downpipe for my 2011 Subaru WRX and I'm glad I did. Stripping it to bare carbon steel will allow it to be a rust magnet. This price includes stripping the barrel down to the base metal and refinishing the barrel in our hard chrome plating. 00 to refinish a slide. I have not used Brownells spray on finish, but I have used Norrell's Moly Resin on a 1911 and it is holding up well. A Titanium Caspian with polymer finish CUSTOM SHOP HOURS: OPEN TO THE PUBLIC BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. We use DuraCoat, a two part resin compound which, when properly applied, can protect your firearm, knife, etc. We also offer Bluing, Parkerizing and stock repair. Ford's Custom Gun Refinishing is a 3rd-generation, family and locally owned and operated business. Welcome to our DuraCoat picture page. Glock Gunsmithing & Customization. Krytos Ind. 00 (Digi Cam They charged me $45 for the slide, took about 2-3 weeks and they shipped it back in a used clam-shell box(I left it without a box) inside a cardboard shipping box. Right out of box it came with scuff marks on slide and a scuff on the handle, brand BLACK MELONITE FINISH ON YOUR SLIDE. Glock 21 seen here features a grip cut down to also gives a full fighting gun slide and sight refinish choice can vary that. Alternative Firearm Coatings is a leading Cerakote refinishing and DuraCoat (duracoat gun refinishing/services) Certified Cerakote Applicator located in Peoria Arizona, With Cerakote firearms coating facilities that are state-of-the-art and we maintain a comprehensive inventory of Cerakote ceramic coatings with a wide selection of colors in both H and C series, and highly trained personnel to We are a federally licensed firearms refinishing shop! Cerakote is the best aftermarket gun coating available today. Custom Slide Builder. These include polishing and porting, refinishing and coloring, and grip and trigger guard reshaping. Please add Optic Cuts, Chamfers, and Cerakote options separately. I quickly put it side by side with my EDC (Gen 3 Glock 19) and noticed a difference. Nash Glockworks in Charlotte, NC specializes in Buying and Selling Glock Pistols and Firearms. I'm not a fan of the two-tone look. Im relatively new to maching, but recently cut front and top cocking serrations on a Glock slide. or GLOCK Ges. When you complete a purchase with this bundle in your cart, email us at info@weaponoutfitters. Slide and barrel stripping and/or refinishing. It does not include refinishing of the exposed metal, that is sold separately. * The polymer lower is the part of the Glock BATF considers a weapon. Grip stippling, slide serrations, slide contouring, dehorning, trigger jobs and refinishing are just some of the many services we provide. Blue and Rust Remover is a safe, reliable solution that removes rust and old blue easily and quickly . ZEV Technologies Stainless steel glock slides are designed to improve accuracy and performance. The custom firearms include a custom engraving or laser engraving upon request. This item includes the slide lightening cut only. Just spoke to Ken at Glock in Smyrna, GA and he said that they would refinish it free of charge. Package pricing is for Glock 42 and 43 only. I was fondling my Glock 17 Gen 4 today and noticed the odd slide finish. Heard somewhere, might've been a Hickok45 vid I run across while researching for a new pistol, that said something RE: Glock has upgraded their finish on all Gen4's and new Gen3's to a rougher, more tactile finish that approaches, but not replicates, the older Gen2 finish. Glock 17/22/31; Refinishing . The same tool used at the Glock Factory to accurately remove and install the firing pin channel liner. However, Glockworx has sky-high refinishing prices and unreasonable lead times, so I got the slide refinished at a separate location. The current finish is different from the finish on a early gun. Most of the small parts are completely interchangeable with a full size Glock, with the notable exception of the slide lock spring. Glock 19 slide. Glockmeister Grip Plug For Gen 1, 2, 3 Full Size & Compact GLOCKS Has anyone had Glock refinish one of their slides? I know I can send it to Robar but even on the low side it is going to cost around $200 plus shipping. This is My Glock 19 Gen3 that was recently refinished by CCR Refinishig in CPll. If you are looking for something impervious to holster and carry wear, this is it. Tenifer is a Heat Treat process that hardens the outer surface of steel to the point that a file will not scratch it. Refinish work can be done in black, OD green,Flat Dark Refinishing Glock slides with old staked If you had to refinish a glock who or what to use. Custom Cerakote in San Antonio TX, Cerakote Gun Finish, Cerakote Color Chart, Cerakote Refinishing, Cerakote vs Duracoat, Rifles, Pistols, Knives, Car Parts, Boat Parts, Tactical Equipment, Cerakote Durability Tests, Cerakote Stress Test, Cerakote High Temperature Coating, Cerakote Textures and Designs Zach Wright — Disappointed with the quality of my new Glock 17 generation 4. Head Down Products Glock 43 RX1 Package Head Down Products is proud to offer their custom RX1 Glock package for the Glock 43 platform- making it the ultimate low-profile custom carry pistol. Click on the buttons or image to view the page and pricing information. Ready To Ship Slides & Polymer 80 Kits; Refinishing & Laser Work . It's several years old and the slide has some wear on it that I'd like to have refinished. Top front and or window cutouts are windows cut into your slide on both sides and/or on top. M&P slides require engraving removal for windows, ports, and serrations, and it is built in the price. Dark Ops Customs offers a variety of finishes for our customers to make their gun stand apart from all of their friends. 00 This service is for us to prep and have your slide or frame black nitride qpq finished by the most well regarded and highly recommended black nitride finisher in the country! I recently decided to refresh the non existent finish of a abused glock slide I have. I had a 75 shadow from Stuart refinished by Cummins Custom Refinishing. Complete TE G42/43 Package Price $799. Glock 17L, 24, 41, Sig P-320 (Full Size) & Beretta APX Slides fall outside of the normal 2-6 week lead time due to the slide welding needed to fill the void in order to be able to mount the RMR. Glock will refinish a slide with a "factory finish" but where the @#$%^ did you get the idea that "You can't beat a factory finish. The result is a much smoother trigger pull with a clean break, which helps to reduce unwanted muzzle movement. For durability, quality, and superior application, look no further than Fighting Sheep Dog to get the color/camo you want for ANY firearm. WMD Guns: the firearm industry’s source for high-performance coatings, including our NiB-X Nickel Boron formulation, and for NiB-X coated guns & accessories. Not odd in a bad way but odd as in, 'its not the same as all the other Gen 3's I've had'. I did have to use a carbide cutter and if memory serves i ran at about 700 rpm. This is a satin chrome finish (not a mirrored chrome) that matches the other chrome accessories including the magazine releases, trigger housing pin, extractor, and Phantom triggers. Glock Slide Cerakote Service Choose the Cerakote Color in the “Cerakote Option” Drop Down Field for your Glock's Slide Send in your Glock Slide WITHOUT Barrel and Recoil Help and advice on refinishing a Glock handgun slide Guy didn't own it for long, he got it in a trade. Gunworks Machine, LLC is a full service machine shop complete with manual mills, manual lathe, CNC machining center, CNC lathe, as well as offering laser engraving. I believe it is similar to Brownells finish. 380 cartridge. Cylinder & Slide Custom Handguns for immediate sale. 00 Inspect, replace and upgrade all internal components in the lower FREE*. My next full-custom Glock will have the machining done by Cheely or FGW. Re: Refinishing a glock 27 slide. My revolver has a red plastic insert in the front sight, which is integral with the barrel – can you refinish my gun? Barrel / Installation / Accurizing Extraction / Ejection / Feeding Front Strap / Grips / Trigger Guard / Mainspring Housing Magazines / Mag Wells / Mag Release Refinish / Round / Reblue Slide Modifications / Mag Release Sights: Front / Rear Trigger Jobs Special Finishes ebay. Hello This is actually my first post, and I am about to purchase a Glock 17 9mm, my first handgun. Glock 42 Slide Milled to Perfection, Ported and TiN Coated Barrel,…” M&P Slide Refinishing. Hi. Trusted gunsmith in Alabama. 00: Bar-Sto Semi Fit Glock barrel Fitting Fee (Includes Test Fire) LWD Refinish Black Oxide 1 Barrel Or 1 Slide Item: LWD-RBBO In Stock Manufacturer: Lone Wolf $22. Easton Firearms Refinishing does firearm refinishing on rifles, pistols, and shotguns. With that said if I were looking to refinish a slide on any of my guns I would spend the money and do it however I wanted it, keep in mind at the end of the day it is still a Glock and I doubt you will ever get the money back out of it. He told me that the frame is the part that is registered and is treated the same way as a complete gun would be. Many people mark their mags to identify what kind of load, or even what caliber so you don't accidentally run the wrong ammo in your Glock. Glock 17 Gen 4. so my glock wont be the ugly duckling in the 1911 fashion show called ipsc. This is a discussion on If you had to refinish a glock who or what to use. I received a phone call this morning from Glock stating that upon inspection of the gun, they found a crack in the frame. The range which I frequent recently began offering Duracoat refinishing as a Gunsmithing option. Refinish HK/GLOCK/M&P slide Refinish HK/Glock/M&P slide in standard MARS Ceracote color. within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Im looking at tradeing for a mod 22 that was carried quite a bit. ATEi also has a Roland Special package that allows you to send in a completely stock gen 3 or gen 4 Glock 17 or 19 in along with a $2300 check and receive a finished Roland Special back when it is done. RMW is a Glock Certified Armory and a leader in Glock Innovations. Our Most Frequently Asked Questions. Actually, Tennifer is the process by which Glock slides and other certain parts are hardened. We are known for our excellence in gun refinishing and custom gunsmithing. Cerakote is extremey wear resistant, virtualy untouched by chemicals, and Cerakote will not rust! www. The manual safety for your Glock pistol is a simple device which, when added to your pistol will help prevent unintentional discharges and give you an added margin in safety. We’ve provided a list of attributes and common uses for each series to guide you to the best coatings for your application. For $800 I could have sent my factory slide to Agency Arms, or AETI for about $500 and had the RMR cuts, front serrations, and a refinish job done. glock slide refinishing